ONKYO ES-FC300 ON-Ear Headphones Designed For High-Fidelity Output. SOLD OUT !


High Fidelity is in Our DNA


Onkyo is known for producing among the world’s best audio components for home theater and hi-fi listening. Now you can take that component-quality sound everywhere with a pair of our ES-FC300 On-Ear Headphones. Built to deliver maximum fidelity at a realistic price, these stylish aluminum-encased headphones feature 40 mm titanium drivers backed by sub-chambers to optimize bass response. Onkyo’s technical team spent countless hours tuning the drivers to deliver uncommonly clear, open, and natural sound from compressed or lossless formats. Premium audio doesn’t come at the expense of portability. Folding earcups, detachable connectors, and exceptionally tough construction make the ES-FC300s ideal for the daily commute. And you won’t spend half the journey sorting out a mess of cable: our flat elastomer design resists knots and tangles. An adjustable padded headband and leatherette earpads make extended listening sessions comfortable. Which is great, because with this level of audio performance, you’ll be finding any excuse to put them on.

Wide-Range Titanium Drivers

The ES-FC300s feature 40 mm full-range titanium drivers encased in a solid aluminum housings. The drivers are designed to reproduce a wide frequency spectrum, and deliver crisp and detailed performance in the mid to high range. Voiced to extract the life and energy from all types of music, the drivers are sympathetic to compressed audio formats without sacrificing sensitivity for lossless and 192/24 playback.

Detachable Tangle-Free Cable

Few things are as frustrating as having to unpick a tangled mess of cable when you should be listening to music. The flat cable cross-section not only keeps the core insulated from noisy knocks and bumps; it also resists tangling when not in use. Detachable MMCX connectors allow you to easily swap, upgrade, or replace the cable.

Sub-Chambers for Optimized Bass

Experienced headphone users agree that bass response isn’t a question of quantity, but quality. Poorly enhanced bass can blur the image; well-controlled low frequencies, on the other hand, add weight and dynamism to all types of music. The ES-FC300s find the perfect dynamic balance, with sub-chambers behind the driver to optimize bass response. Careful tuning and rigid construction tames resonance and ensures a solid foundation of well-muscled bass at all volume levels.

Comfort for Long Listening Sessions

Soft leatherette earpads provide a good seal against ambient noise and minimize sound leakage. Combined with an adjustable headband—which is padded to relieve stress at contact points—the ES-FC300s are comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

Solid Construction

Greater portability inevitably means greater risk of bumps, bangs, and knocks. Onkyo protects your investment through the use of tough, impact-resistant materials, such as aluminum, PET, and elastomer-encased cable. All cable connectors are gold plated to preserve signal integrity and resist the effects of corrosion, so you can continue to get the most out of your music over years of daily use.


New 40 mm Wide-Range Titanium Drivers for Clearer Sound

Dual Chambers for Deep, Well-Defined Bass

Tough Aluminum Driver Housing and Hanger Arms

Low Noise, Tangle-Free Flat Elastomer Cable

Gold-Plated MMCX and Mini-Stereo Connectors

Easily Swapped or Upgraded Detachable Cable Design (Additional Cables Sold Separately)

L-Shaped Reinforced Stereo Plug

Folding Design for Portability

Adjustable Padded Headband

Comfortable and Stylish Leatherette Earpads

Compatible with Most Media Players


Frequency Response: 10 Hz–27 kHz

Maximum Input Power: 1000 mW

Output Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB/mW

Nominal Impedance: 32 Ohms

Cable Length: 1.2 m (x1)

Weight (without cable): 240 g